2018 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Total run time: 75 minutes

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A Different Kind of Day

Dir. Maria Doyle Kennedy - Dublin, Ireland

Amiable young couple overcomes sudden confrontation.

Pliashka (Bottle)

Dir. Yegor Bondarenko - Kyiv, Ukraine

Bottle's journey to fulfilling higher purpose.

3 Rounds

Dir. Inder Kochar - Mumbai, India

Young worker receives wisdom from boss.

The Typewriter

Dir. Evelyne du Bois - Dinxperlo, The Netherlands

Bored typist dreams of ballet dancing.

Cowboy Joe

Dir. Jingjing Tian - New York City, USA

Father, son conflict regarding career choice.

Silence is not Golden

Dir. Wong Pei Si - Singapore

Exploration of challenge of selective mutism.


Dir. Rafael Montezuma - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Charlie's struggle to define his identity.

The Survival of the Sexiest

Dir. Anna Melnikova, Marina Cortón, Shirel Lebovich - Russia, Spain, Peru

Bird engages in peculiar mating ritual.

Bažinou (Through the Marsh)

Dir. Kryštof Ulbert - Zlin, Czech Republic

Strange creature hinders school girl's journey.

Another Sunny Day

Dir. Tim Huebschle - Windhoek, Namibia

Paulus endures life with overbearing sunshine.

A Good Heart

Dir. Evgeniya Jirkova - Moscow, Russia

Primitive family adjusts to new guests.


Dir. Katherine Mooney - Brooklyn, USA

Orphan creates tribute to absent family.

Light Blue

Dir. Mohammad al Younes - Damascus, Syria

Woman learns to let son go.


Dir. Greg Holfeld - Adelaide, Australia

Clay pot bonds father and son.

Dandelion in the Wind

Dir. Do Thi Ngan Giang - Singapore

Surreal trip to recover missing dog.


Dir. Jimmy Olsson - Stockholm, Sweden

Woman stumbles upon conflict in tunnel.

Outono (Fall)

Dir. Bruno Carnide - Leiria, Portugal

Old letters echo a previous betrayal.

Not Today

Dir. Marine Jacob - Brussels, Belgium

Lonely old woman subverts death's plans.

Macaco Albino: Pimenta (Albino Monkey: Pepper)

Dir. Beto Uechi - São Paulo, Brazil

Monkey's obsession with peppering his food.

Sklep z rybami (Fish Shop)

Dir. Maria Kulpa - Poznan, Poland

Fish shop's hidden dangers are unleashed.


Dir. Carlos Gómez-Trigo - Madrid, Spain

Background noises stir up irritable man.

Pétanque 51

Dir. Théo Guyot - Brussels, Belgium

Veterans versus newcomers in ruthless competition.


Dir. Joaquín Ojeda Ferrero - Terrassa, Spain

Pursuer and pursued reveal hidden motives.


Dir. Petre Tomadze - Tbilisi, Georgia

Mother makes special tea for husband.


Dir. Amadej Petan, Liudmila Kuzmina - Krško, Slovenia

Homeless man recounts troubling past, future.


Dir. Fadi El Samra, Sergio Gonzalez, Yohan Orewa, Camilo Bossano - Lebanon, Colombia, Nigeria, Ecuador

Man confronts his biggest fear, himself.


Dir. Shalev Ben Elya, Renen Adar - Jerusalem, Israel

Rat revives rusty old music machine.


Dir. Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen - Jerusalem, Israel

Dog trained as human considers rebellion.

Green World

Dir. Cenk Özakinci - Mugla, Turkey

Green planet would prefer human relocation.

Sand Wanderer

Dir. Eric Giessmann - Dormagen, Germany

Ever shifting sands obstruct desert dweller.

For Lorn

Dir. Hoo Yan Han, Im Eun Sue - Singapore

Stranded astronaut's reality merges with memories.


Dir. Gareth Peevers - Edinburgh, Scotland

Man struggles as world becomes silent.

Gosc (Guest)

Dir. Aleksander Jozefczyk - Krakow, Poland

Painter accosted by subject of painting.


Dir. Andrea Giovanni Sidoti, Hannes Oehen - Bern/Zürich, Switzerland

Office worker breaks down under stress.

Wijnwijven (Wine Wenches)

Dir. Esther Heerikhuisen - Katwijk, The Netherlands

Three women have outrageous drunken escapades.

Stuck in the Middle

Dir. Denis Fleurion, Etienne Bonafini, Romain Marchetti, Cécile Minaud, Julien Adoum, Léo Nezot - Valenciennes, France

Four criminals, one strange desert hitchhiker.

SSSFF 2018 Heartstrings Jury Award

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SF 18 Headtrip Jury

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