2015 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Total run time: 74 minutes


Dir. Anne-Claire Jaulin - Paris, France

Elderly couple plays touching memory game.


Dir. Olga van den Brandt - Breda, Netherlands

Interpersonal bonds stretch, break, and re-form.

Joojeh Mashini (Digital Native)

Dir. Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki - Tehran, Iran

Baby is "plugged in" since conception.


Dir. Álvaro Iglesias & Rodrigo Rodríguez - Madrid, Spain

Mother and son journey with caution.

Me & Us

Dir. Seyede Masoume Hosseini - Tehran, Iran

Life story of war stricken boy.

Where Flowers Once Grew

Dir. Gabrielle Ray - Savannah, GA, USA

Widow revisits memories before moving forward.

Todo tiene su hora (It All Has Its Time)

Dir. Oscar Santamaría & Marine Discazeaux - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Coping by sharing love of music.


Dir. Shaina Pakravan - Los Angeles, USA

Nervous woman awaits meeting her suitor.

Music Dances

Dir. Kirill Fessenko - Montreal, Canada

Love and courtship illustrated as music.

Le photographe et la memoire (The Photographer and the Memory)

Dir. Jhonny Gleez - Torrelavega, Spain

Capturing photographs becomes source of comfort.

Tempus Fugit

Dir. Julia Simas & Vitor Moura - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Little girl struggles to understand mortality.


Dir. Amy Wang - Taichung City, Taiwan

Balloons inspire girl's dreams of future.

Immersione (Immersion)

Dir. Francesca Falasca, Ambra Arioli, Alice Gaffo - Milan, Italy

Bar conversation brought to life, literally.

Yaya Crochet (Granny Crochet)

Dir. Joaquín Villalonga Malpica - Seville, Spain

Elderly woman engages in unusual hobby.


Dir. Mehdi Alibeygi - Tehran, Iran

Bird mistakes shuttlecock for his mate.


Dir. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin - Paris, France

Cat's difficult quest to capture canary.

Trappan (The Stairs)

Dir. Adi & Mak Omanovic - Stockholm, Sweden

Homeless man is being too helpful.

Grouillons Nous (Hurry Up)

Dir. Margot Reumont - Brussels, Belgium

Adventures of fruit on the subway.

Total run time: 74 minutes

Viikset (The Moustache)

Dir. Anni Oja - Turku, Finland

Only one can be moustache king.

Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills)

Dir. Lionel Kaplan - Paris, France

Morgue attendant's smoke break goes unexpectedly.

5 segundos (5 Seconds)

Dir. David González Rudiez - Bilbao, Spain

Close your eyes; wait for surprise.

Comme il faut (Properly)

Dir. Michelle Molad-or - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Woman performs a bizarre kitchen ritual.

Miel bleu (Blue Honey)

Dir. Constance Joliff, Daphne Durocher, Fanny Lhotellier - Orly, France

Outcast bee discovers mysterious blue liquid.

Jak vzniklo pivo? (On The Origin Of Beer)

Dir. Eliška Chytková - Nové Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic

Fable of how beer was created.

Benjamin Goes To A Swingers' Party

Dir. Declan Byrne - Brisbane, Australia

If only he can get in.

Nobati (Shift)

Dir. Fatemeh Maleki (Hadis) - Tehran, Iran

Green and red workers alternate responsibilities.

Msl-e man ast! (That's Mine!)

Dir. Maryam Kashkoolinia - Tehran, Iran

Landmines wait for their unsuspecting prey.

Pastel Dünyam (My Pastel World)

Dir. Mert Inan & Cemre Yilmaz - Ankara, Turkey

Child draws to escape unpleasant circumstances.

Garde partagée (Joint Custody)

Dir. Patrick Parenteau - Montreal, Canada

Boy resists getting returned to mother.


Dir. Elodie Ponçon - Montpellier, France

Being that creates light becomes defective.

El tipo del fondo (The Background Man)

Dir. Jose Medina - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Ordinary man spends life in background.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Town’s Last Resident

Dir. Damon Mohl - Crawfordsville, IN, USA

Surprise visitors gather up feline quarry.


Dir. Angella Lipskaya - Moscow, Russia

Three garbage bags escape the dump.

Ma, nema veze (Oh, It's No Big Deal)

Dir. Gea Gojak - Pula, Croatia

Girl's failed attempts at meeting boyfriend.


Dir. Pol Diggler - Barcelona, Spain

Trying to avoid her predicted fortune.

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