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Womanimation! is the premier showcase in the US of international women’s animation, a special one-day film festival event presenting animated short film stories created by women around the world.

From satire to drama, from the everyday to the surreal - in styles from traditional 2-D to stop-motion to computer animation - the festival showcases wide-ranging visual styles.

Womanimation! 2024

The festival is just 4 days away!

The fourteenth edition of Womanimation! will be taking place at
Best Video Film & Cultural Center in Hamden, Connecticut, USA, on Saturday 29th June.

Showtimes are 1:30pm, 4:30pm, and 7:30pm.

Tickets are available at the door or online in advance here, or by clicking the button in the upper right.

Festival Film Selections

We have been seeking talented women animators from around the world to highlight their work in our festival, as always with no submission fee.

From hundreds of quality submissions from dozens of countries, we have selected our fourteen final films, from twelve nations on four continents.

Click here for details on this year's film selections.

Awards and Audience Participation

Audiences at each screening will vote for their favorite three films of the program, with the top overall vote-getter receiving a custom art object award, created by a winner from a previous edition of the festival.

Continuing a newer twist from last year’s event, a special jury has been assembled consisting of women musicians who have topped one of the MergingArts Global Radio weekly charts. The jury will review and rate the films, with the winner also receiving a custom art award from a previous winner.

More information on the judges is available here.

Music and More

Each screening is preceded by a slide show with music introducing the filmmakers, and DJ Madame B will weave soundscapes created by women across the globe between screenings.

There will be special remote concert performance by Mariana Masetto as well. The Best Video Coffee Bar will be open for beer, wine, drinks, and snacks, and from 12-9 pm, Vittles Food truck brings their Southern Comfort Food to the festival.

Festival Herstory

The inaugural festival was held in conjunction with the second international SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now), an event designed to highlight the contributions of women artists for Women’s History Month in March.

Since then, it has played around New England in late spring or early summer, and is one of the premiere showcases of women's animated shorts in North America.

To find out more about previous editions of the festival, click here.

Womanimation! Jury Award 2023


A custom creation by Indra Sproģe

Womanimation! Audience Award 2023


A custom creation by Joanna Lurie

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Film Festival

Saturday, June 29

1842 Whitney Ave
Hamden, CT

1:30 | 4:30 | 7:30

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