Womanimation! 2012 Films

Bertie Crisp

Dir. Francesca Adams (Lincoln, England)

Bertie Crisp is a hen-pecked bear living in a trailer park with his domineering rabbit wife, Grace. Grace is determined to start a family, and when traditional methods don't yield results quickly enough, she resorts to more extreme measures.

8 min, digital hand drawn (2D characters on 3D backgrounds)

Srdcová Dáma (The Queen of Hearts)

Dir. Dita Krcová (Brno, Czech Rep.)

Three men meet to drink brandy and play cards, while recounting their unexpected adventures with fabulous women.

6 min, 2D computer animation

La boite de sardines (The Sardines Tin)

Dir. Louise-Marie Colon (Liège, Belgium)

An unlikely romance between Emile, a single fisherman, and Eva, a tiny mermaid he discovers in a sardine tin.

9 min, drawing on paper

Romeo a Julie (Romeo and Juliet)

Dir. Hana Kotlárová (Čachovice, Czech Rep.)

The inanimate objects in a bathroom shared by a couple contend with the fallout of their endless quarreling. A satirical look at how easily we can lose what we think we treasure.

7 min, 2D computer animation + rotoscoping


Dir. Isabel Herguera (San Sebastian, Spain)

A woman named Inés travels to India to visit her friend Ámár, who has been living in a mental institution for years. She remembers the last days they spent together and her promise to return.

8 min, ink on paper


Dir. Michaela Pavlatova (Prague, Czech Rep.)

The humdrum daily routine for a conductress. As dull and apathetic men ride the tram, she finds stimulation by the rhythms of the vehicle. Fantasy and reality merge on an erotic journey.

8 min, 2D computer animation

The Confession of Father John Thomas

Dir. Elka Kerkhofs (Mullumbimby, Australia)

Father John Thomas is a penis priest in the Australian outback. During one of his seemingly innocent confessionals, God pushes him to reveal his true self. Along with the raunchy fantasies of fellow sinner Miss Beaver Eater, he finally gets the balls to confess.

5 min, 2D watercolor cell animation

Nesejdeš z Cesty! (You Shall Not Leave the Way!)

Dir. Veronika Szemlová (Náměšť nad Oslavou, Czech Rep.)

A boy raised to practice a very restrictive version of Christianity rejects everything "improper" and "different", although he is attracted to it. An exploration of upbringing as both a gift and burden, and the contrast of self-denial with self-expression.

7 min, 2D computer animation


Dir. Natalia Mirzoyan (St. Petersburg, Russia)

An ant discovers a picture of the Taj Mahal amongst the rubbish on the beach and devotes her life to reconstructing it from different kinds of detritus. An animation film composed almost entirely of tea leaves.

8 min, tea leaves, 2D computer animation

Citrouille et vieilles dentelles (Pumpkins and Old Lace)

Dir. Juliette Loubières (Montreuil, France)

A photographer comes to a retirement home hoping to find a nice "grandpa face" for an ad but has a bizarre encounter with the residents who have their own whimsical tales to tell.

9 min, stop motion

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