Short Short Story Film Festival

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How do filmmakers tell a story in under six minutes?

Not just trailers, music videos, PSAs or experimental projects, but honest-to-goodness beginning-middle-end stories?

The Short Short Story Film Festival celebrates brevity in filmmaking, featuring films from across the globe, lovingly harvested by the folks here at MergingArts Productions.

From mini-documentaries to sentimental melodramas to black comedies to animated horror, the festival features succinct presentations of all kinds of short film stories.

Short short attention spans welcome!

Learn more about the 2013 festival here.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Festival

(+) What does the name mean?

(+) What do the film programs consist of?

(+) Where and when does the festival take place?

(+) Is there more to the festival than just films?

(+) Does the festival have awards?

(+) This FAQ is kinda small, isn't it?