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Short Short Story Film Festival

The Short Short Story Film Festival is a competitive international festival of films that tell a story in under six minutes.

The 8th edition took place Saturday November 29th, 2014, at AS220's 95 Empire in Providence, RI.


Click here to find out the winners for both audience and jury.

More on the Festival

The eighth edition of the festival had 34 films from 19 countries, half live-action and half animation, in two distinct programs, with 23 US premieres.

Click here to see the entire list of films.

For more about this past festival, click here.

Read about the festival in the Providence Journal.

You can also learn more about about the festival concept and history by clicking here.


On Saturday, June 28th, 2014, Womanimation! took place at Black Box Theater at 95 Empire in Providence, RI. Click here for details on this years festival.

Womanimation! is a festival showcasing acclaimed animated short film stories created by women from around the world. The 2014 edition featured 11 films from 10 countries, 10 of which were US premieres.  Click here to see details on the films in the program.

Mythopolis from Alexandra Hetmerová of the Czech Republic was selected as the audience favorite, and was presented with a custom award created by Womanimator Signe Baumane.

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Spoiler Alert Radio

A weekly broadcast and podcast featuring conversations on the craft of filmmaking.

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This week's episode:

Michael Colford - President and Co-Founder of the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film

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