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Top Plays for the Week

1Titi Robin And Mehdi Nassouli TaziriWorld Village
2Young Iranian Female VoicesSongs in the MistKKV/Kirkelig Kulturverksted
3KabanjakThe Dooza Tapes Vol. 1Switchstance Recordings
4Miss GarrisonA Sol De NochePonk Records
5Bilja Krstic and Bistrik OrchestraTraditional Songs from Serbia and The Balkans - SvodArc Music
6Hanitra RanaivoSongs from Madagascar - LasaArc Music
7 Alkibar JuniorJamalStudio Mali Recordings
8Jagwa MusicBongo HotheadsCrammed Discs
9Moussu T E Lei JoventsNavegaWorld Village
10Svalbard kirkes trioDet bla loftetKKV/Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Adds for the Week

SverFrydHearth Music
The Nile ProjectJinjaThe Nile Project
ZuccheroBlack CatWrasse Records
BuikaVivir Sin MiedoDRO Records
Brookzill!Throwback to the FutureTommy Boy

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Craig Shilowich - Screenwriter and Producer - Frozen River, Dark Horse, Shanghai Calling, Joe, and Christine

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