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Womanimation! Herstory:

Womanimation! 2015

The seventh edition of Womanimation! again took place at AS220's Blackbox Theatre in Providence, RI, on Saturday, June 27th.

We screened eight films from seven countries, including several US premieres. With a variety of styles, the films each presented a different take on themes of self-image and acceptance, through the eyes of women aged six to sixty.

The 2015 Audience Award went to Munya in Me. Additionally, a Visual Vanguard prize was awarded to Carapace for visual innovation in storytelling.

Commissioned awards were created by Raquel Sancinetti (from Montreal) and Maryam Farahzadi (from Iran).

Between and after the screenings, DJ Madame B weaved soundscapes created by women across the globe, with a reception following the final screening with guest filmmaker Lori Malépart-Traversy.

Womanimation! 2014

The sixth edition of Womanimation! took place at AS220's Blackbox Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island, on Saturday, June 28th.

DJ Madame B spun music from women around the world between screenings, and audience members voted for their favorite films in the festival.

This year’s program was quite diverse in its themes, animated styles, and geography, with eleven films from ten countries. Ten of the films were US premieres.

Click here to see details on the films in the program.

Mythopolis from Alexandra Hetmerová of the Czech Republic was selected as the audience favorite, narrowly beating honorable mentions Oh My Dog! from Chloé Alliez (France) and Symphony no. 42 from Réka Bucsi (Hungary).

Womanimation! 2013

The fifth edition of Womanimation! returned to Providence at the Cable Car Cinema on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013, with screenings throughout the day.

Local artist and RISD alumna Molly Walsh was on hand with an exhibition of some of her work, and between screenings DJ Madame B spun tunes from women around the world.

In our first year of audience voting, the Audience Award went to
In Vino Veritas. Click here for more on that and all the films.

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Womanimation! Visual Vanguard 2016


A custom creation by Eliška Chytková

Womanimation! Audience Award 2016


A custom creation by Maryam Farahzadi

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