Womanimation! 2010 Films

Mother of Many

Dir. Emma Lazenby (Bristol, UK)

A day in the life of a midwife as she helps various mothers through labor. Made using real recordings of childbirths and fetal heartbeats, combining painting on glass, hand drawn and computer animation.

6 min


Dir. Signe Baumane (New York, NY)

Amina, a seventeen-year old girl, is pregnant and afraid to give birth. For consolation and advice, she goes to older women, but their stories scare her even more.

12 min

Seasons of Love

Dir. Grettel Batoon (New York, NY)

After falling in love at the dawn of spring, two leaves must find a way to reunite after Mother Nature's inevitable forces tear them apart.

4 min

Folklore Restaurant

Dir. Tomoko Oguchi (New York, NY)

Featuring characters created from Japanese washi paper, the film recounts three fox-related folk tales originating from Native America, Finland, and Japan.

14 min

Pho Dac Biet

Dir. Christina Tran (Phildelphia, PA)

Based on a true story of a Vietnamese-American girl who goes to Vietnam and tastes the best bowl of Pho she’s ever had, only to return to the United States to search frantically for a bowl that compares.

4 min

Joseph's Snails

Dir. Sophie Roze (Morlaix, France)

Joseph is an introverted boy who collects snails. One day, while literally navel-gazing, he is swallowed by his navel and enters a disturbing world of navel-obsessed snail-people.

12 min

Nothing Like Her

Dir. Seana Kozar (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

At the intersection of loss and creativity, one woman finds her real story. A poignant journey that explores personal tragedy as well as societal taboos surrounding motherhood, miscarriage, and disability.

7 min

Backwards Boy (Cúilín Dualach)

Dir. Nora Twomey (Kilkenny, Ireland)

Born with his head facing the wrong way, Cúilín Dualach is the object of ridicule from all but his loving mother… until the day he discovers his own unique talent.

12 min

Lady Lilith

Dir. Jessica Polaniecki (New York, NY)

A stop-motion animated interpretation of the poem Lady Lilith by Dante Rossetti.

1 min

There Was A Little Girl

Dir. Ruth Peyser (New York, NY)

An autobiographical film spanning fifty years, from 1959 to 2009, combining animation, documentary and personal narrative. The filmmaker tells six stories from her life set ten years apart, each on a backdrop of political and social events of that year, and exploring her personal growth and the relationships of three generations of women in her family.

25 min

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