2014 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Total run time: 70 minutes


Dir. Sharron Mirsky - Montreal, Canada

City comes together during power outage.

Jadis (In Olden Days)

Dir. Uriel Jaouen Zrehen - Paris, France

Woman wants to relive tender memories.


Dir. Rory Waudby-Tolley - London, England

A mammoth regrets having been thawed.

Mind The Gap

Dir. Tom Darom - Kiryat Eqron, Israel

Meeting old flame in train station.

Kasem) (Study)

Dir. Abel Solomon - Accra, Ghana

A studious man with big dreams.

Sólo quiero conocerte (I Just Want to Meet You)

Dir. Pedro Terrero - Málaga, Spain

Man tries meeting his crush online.

Michael S., versammelt (Michael S., Re-collected)

Dir. Steven Swirko - Vienna, Austria

Portrait of an obsessed film collector.


Dir. Breanna Cheek - Burnaby, BC, Canada

This town has seen better days.

Белым про черное (White About Black)

Dir. Vagenak Balayan - St. Petersburg, Russia

Innocent child skewers modern art's pretense.

The Belief

Dir. Amir Vahedi - Tabriz, Iran

Tale of war told by boots.

Kassett (Cassette)

Dir. Jerker Beckman & Tomas Stark - Stockholm, Sweden

Cassette evokes memories and inspires ritual.


Dir. Katie Miller - Dublin, Ireland

The future isn't all you thought.

La petite casserole d'Anatole (Anatole's Little Saucepan)

Dir. Eric Montchaud - Paris, France

Anatole always carries his little pan.

Je suis avec toi (I Am With You)

Dir. Jean Christophe Pêcheur - Strasbourg, France

Man and granddaughter bond over billiards.


Dir. Farshid Monfared - Tehran, Iran

Father helps son; son helps father.

Mahi va man (The Fish and I)

Dir. Babak Habibifar - Tehran, Iran

Blind man tries saving his goldfish.

Juste de l'eau (Nothing Else But Water)

Dir. Carlos De Carvalho - Saint-Andre, France

Lonely pig struggles to fit in.

Total run time: 70 minutes

Mr Lune

Dir. Julien Seze - Paris, France

He just wants love from earthlings.

Oh Wal (Oh Whale)

Dir. Joana Locher - Brienz, BE, Switzerland

Cat interferes with fishes' whale ceremony.


Dir. Erik Richard H. - Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Woman ponders consequences of her death.


Dir. Manendra Singh Lodhi - Kolkata West Bengal, India

A paranoid toy plans a revolt.


Dir. Venetia Taylor - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Guidance counselor gives some unexpected advice.

Eye in Tuna Care

Dir. John W. Lustig - New York, USA

An emergency late night dental visit.


Dir. Yoav Segal - London, England

Visualizing "Crow" from Ted Hughes' poems.

Diabel i baba (The Devil and the Woman)

Dir. Michal Barylski - Lódz, Poland

Woman tries to resist devil's temptations.


Dir. Tomer Werechson - Tel Aviv, Israel

Boxed by relationships in digital age.

Don Miguel

Dir. Kote Camacho - Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

Man prods friend for loan guarantee.

The Death Row

Dir. Maryam Ebrahimi - Stockholm, Sweden

Reaction to Afghan women's rights protest.

Laznia (Baths)

Dir. Tomek Ducki - Krakow, Poland

Elderly swimmers dive deeper than usual.

Han-kuk-ue-mat (The Taste of Korea)

Dir. Jaebin Han - Incheon, South Korea

Fresh look at eating traditional food.

De l'autre coté (The Other Side)

Dir. James Maciver - Rennes, France

Man witnesses crime on opposite track.

Phone Box

Dir. Marcos Villaseñor - London, England

Man does anything to save daughter.

Fly Me To The Moon

Dir. Miklós Felvidéki - Budapest, Hungary

Fox wakes up in distant neighborhood.


Dir. Benjamin Arcand - Montreal, Canada

Cat goes wild at workday's end.

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