2013 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Total run time: 83 minutes

8 Ball

Dir. Geoff Harmer - Basingstoke, England

Distraught man enlightened by casual soothsayer

Close Encounters

Dir. Douglas Caldow - Edinburgh, Scotland

Old flames wrestle with rekindled feelings

Les Oranges

Dir. Yannick Pecherand-Molliex - Paris, France

Mute man intrigued by blind woman

Best Man

Dir. Tomer Werechson - Tel Aviv, Israel

Wedding day mishaps of groom's assistant


Dir. Jessica Harris - Prahran, Australia

Lost boy's journey with homeless man

Dozdi (The Theft)

Dir. Mohammad Farahani - Tehran, Iran

Woman agonizes over young infant's fate

Shahre Sholoogh (Chaos Town)

Dir. Mohammad Reza Khavari - Tehran, Iran

Stray cat depends on butcher's kindness

Krot na More (The Mole at the Sea)

Dir. Anna Kadykova - Moscow, Russia

Dream beach trip frustrated by crowds

Un Lugar Mejor (A Better Place)

Dir. Moisés Romera & Marisa Crespo - Valencia, Spain

Optimistic youth banter about deferred dreams

Andersartig (Different)

Dir. Dennis Stein-Schomburg - Kassel, Germany

Isolated orphan recounts survival during war

La Dernière Scène (The Last Scene)

Dir. Sadaf Fouroughi - Montreal, Canada

Retiring projectionist encounters silent film actress


Dir. David Pavon - Torrenueva (Granada), Spain

Abandoned paper boat's voyage of discovery


Dir. Hamish Lambert - Montreal, Canada

Statue teaches child meaning of love


Dir. Jorge Dorado - Madrid, Spain

Tracking her life through her clothesline

S'oublier (To Forget)

Dir. Anh Minh Truong - Montreal, Canada

Couple's breakup contrasts sorrow and sweetness


Dir. Olga Popova - Kiev, Ukraine

Can man shake up domestic routine?

Zinì e Amì (Zinì and Amì)

Dir. Pierluca Di Pasquale - Rome, Italy

Man bewildered by unusual girlfriend's love

Total run time: 81 minutes

Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings

Dir. Bin-Han To - Ludwigsburg, Germany

Man's unexpectedly exposed thoughts prove embarrassing

Steffi Gefällt Das (Steffi Likes This)

Dir. Philipp Scholz - Hamburg, Germany

Social media junkie has "lucky" day

O Šunce (Ham Story)

Dir. Eliška Chytková - Nové Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic

Mischievous angel sends town into chaos

Perinde ac Cadaver

Dir. Philippe Crifo - Bordeaux, France

Curious villager discovers strange tower's secret

Hagoromo (Feather Robe From Heaven)

Dir. Yuri Nakamoto - Yokohama, Japan

Man ponders stealing heavenly creature's garments

Sheher Sheher... Everywhere (City City... Everywhere)

Dir. Pramod Pathak - Mumbai, India

Haunting exploration of industrialization's effects

Pervobytny Papa (The Primaeval Father)

Dir. Vladimir Danilov - Moscow, Russia

Caveman inventor fails to impress father

Anhold Mig (Arrest Me)

Dir. Michael Torp - Horsens, Denmark

Simple robbery becomes harder than planned

Crushed Willi

Dir. Volker Heymann - Mannheim, Germany

Older man struggles as trendy waiter

Ma Rencontre (A Chance Encounter)

Dir. Justin Pechberty & Samir Hamiche - Paris, France

Man encounters his decade older self


Dir. Mark Kozlowski - London, England

Internal monologue of grievances about girlfriend

Le Tempus Fugitus (The Tempus Fugitus)

Dir. Aline Quertain - Brussels, Belgium

Exotic slow motion animal's habits examined

Tears of Inge

Dir. Alisi Telengut - Montreal, Canada

Nomad's singing soothes camel giving birth

Missfall (Misfortune)

Dir. Martin Monk - Berlin, Germany

Women's complicated relationship threatened by pregnancy

Thé et Gaufrettes (Tea and Wafers)

Dir. Delphine Priet-Maheo - Rennes, France

Old friends play potentially dangerous cards


Dir. Christian Stahl - Berlin, Germany

Results when press freedom is irrelevant


Dir. Dominik Urban - Tabor, Czech Republic

Stray creature desperate to escape imprisonment


Dir. Lars Damoiseaux & Frederik Palmaers - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top of food chain, or bottom?

SSSFF 2013 Venues


Pomfret School

Pomfret, CT

November 16th, 2013

Cable Car

Cable Car Cinema

Providence, RI

November 30th, 2013