2012 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Total run time: 79 minutes


Dir. Jonathan Browning - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Lonely man struggles to find companionship

Out of Body

Dir. J. Christian Jensen - Stanford, CA, USA

Woman transcends her ailing body's limitations

Opera Buffa

Dir. Halina Dyrschka - Berlin, Germany

Couple prepare for their night out

Olgastrasse 18 (18 Olga Street)

Dir. Jörg Rambaum, Liv Scharbatke - Ludwigsburg, Germany

Life's tale told by household objects

Espace Natal (Birthplace)

Dir. Jonathan Lemieux - Montreal, Canada

Man's conflicted memories of childhood home

2ºA (2A)

Dir. Alfonso Díaz - Madrid, Spain

Seductive actress gives a compelling audition

Bear Me

Dir. Kasia Wilk - Lodz, Poland

Challenges of an interspecies love affair


Dir. Richard Garcia - Madrid, Spain

What secrets are safe to share?

The Bouquet

Dir. Declan Cassidy - Dublin, Ireland

Be careful saying it with flowers

Náufragos (Castaways)

Dir. Mario Rico - Barcelona, Spain

Two castaways try to make connection

Mourir Sans Faire de Bruit (Dying Without a Sound)

Dir. Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau - Montreal, Canada

How it's best to die young

These Narrow Alleys

Dir. Ghazale Soltani - Tehran, Iran

Parallel stories; one bitter one sweet


Dir. Moritz Mayerhofer - Berlin, Germany

Preacher overdoes it with fiery sermons

A Passagem (Transition)

Dir. Marc Dourdin - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Professional mourner helps with final transition

Llámame Parker (Call Me Parker)

Dir. Peris Romano - Madrid, Spain

Transformation of ordinary man into superhero

Otto Wichterle

Dir. Zuzana Bahulová - Napajedla, Czech Republic

Bio of Czech contact lens inventor

The Happiness Test

Dir. Stuart Parkins - London, England

Introspection leads to young people's dissatisfaction

Pipe Dream

Dir. Michael Cockcroft - Stoke On Trent, England

A man's passion becomes his occupation

Total run time: 77 minutes

Follow the Sun!

Dir. MK12 - Kansas City, MO, USA

Refreshments will never be the same


Dir. Juan Fernando Andrés, Esteban Roel - Madrid, Spain

Tense showdown with a stubborn bureaucrat

Le Sniper (The Sniper)

Dir. Yoann Garel - Paris, France

Killer has trouble focusing on target

Monsieur du Lit (Mister Bed)

Dir. Timo von Gunten - Zurich, Switzerland

Four interconnected tales from hotel bed

Budzma Belarisami (Let's Be Belarusians)

Dir. Yulia Ruditskaya - Minsk, Belarus

A colorful musical history of Belarus

Une Petite Histoire des Changements Climatiques (A Brief History of Climate Change)

Dir. Joris Clerté - Paris, France

Lighthearted look at controversial environmental issue

L'Homme de Glace (Ice Philosophy)

Dir. Olivier Higgins and Mélanie Carrier - Montreal, Canada

In search of the perfect H20

Fata Morgana

Dir. Frodo Kuipers - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Lemonade vendor confronts lonely desert traveller


Dir. Haytham Saqr - Cairo, Egypt

Modern life dominated by electronic devices


Dir. Milena Z. Petrovic - Belgrade, Serbia

Robot child reflects on human suffering

The Box

Dir. dadomani studio - Milan, Italy

Hallucinations projected into couch potato's reality


Dir. Dairo Cervantes - Bogota, Colombia

Man struggles coping with love triangle

L'Amour a Contrechamp (Love at the Reverse Shot)

Dir. Frédéric Murarotto - Paris, France

Behind the scenes with difficult actors

Projet Kubrick (Kubrick Project)

Dir. Olivier Jagut - Rennes, France

Film genius contemplates Napoleon magnum opus


Dir. Frédéric Mosbeux - Brussels, Belgium

Inventor struggles to undo unfortunate scenario

The Applicant

Dir. Tim Dean - Perth, Australia

Mundane seeming interview becomes increasingly bizarre

Sinfonie der Dumpfbacken (Symphony of Fools)

Dir. Volker Heymann - Mannheim, Germany

Brainstorming session for marketing kitschy objects

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Dir. Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling - London, England

The pros and cons of creativity

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SSSFF 2012 Venues


New Hampshire Technical Institute

Concord, N.H.

November 16-17, 2012

Cable Car

Cable Car Cinema

Providence, R.I.

November 24, 2012