2009 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Enemy Lines

Dir. Michael R Steel - Tyne And Wear, UK

Encounters between soldier and protester

Whatever Turns You On

Dir. Declan Cassidy - Dublin, Ireland

Homeless man makes special purchase


Dir. Stacey Chomiak - Oakville, Ont.

Musician inspired by tiny partner

Orquesta Típica

Dir. Nicolas Entel - Brooklyn, NY

Tango can cause heightened passions


Dir. Ian McDonald - Brighton, UK

Gay footballer's tragic end memorialized


Dir. Mike and Tim Rauch - Brooklyn, NY

Conversation between mother and son


Dir. Daniel Henriksbo - Olso, Norway

Accepted for who she is

Breaking the Mould

Dir. Rebecca Manley and Luca Paulli - Newport, Wales

The adventures of an apple

Crema Suprema

Dir. Ellenora Ventura - Oakville, Ont.

Let them both eat cake

The Colors of Veil

Dir. Jehan Harney - Alexandria, VA

Testing limits of religious tolerance

Lovers' Lane

Dir. Guy Ducker - London, UK

Meeting lover and moving beyond

The Birthday of the Infanta

Dir. Tristian Goik - Sunnyside, NY

Dwarf carries torch for princess

Nie Patrz Wstecz (Don't Look Back)

Dir. Julius Onah - New York, NY

Hopeless romantic chases his dream


Dir. Conor Ferguson - Dublin, Ireland

Love letter across the sea

Les Anges Dechets (Garbage Angels)

Dir. Pierre M Trudeau - Montreal, Que.

Landfill holds many unexpected wonders

First Date

Dir. Elizabeth Pencavel - London, UK

Experiencing the timelessness of love

Looking Back

Dir. Emile Bokaer - San Francisco, CA

Snapshot of homeless veterans' struggles

The Lost Tribes of New York City

Dir. Andy London and Caroline London - New York, NY

The Big Apple's many faces

Invisible Old People

Dir. Sonia Escolano and Sadrac González Perellón - Alicante, Spain

Costumed elderly couple surprise onlookers


Dir. Tom Wright - London, UK

Call center flirting with insanity

The Peasant and the Root

Dir. Brock Gallagher - Glendale, CA

Always read the fine print


Dir. Liliana Greenfield-Sanders - New York, NY

Girl who meets and mimics

The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead - Safari

Dir. Elliot Cowan - Brooklyn, NY

Vacation does not meet expectations

Gauche Droite (Left/Right)

Dir. Philippe Nahon and Alain Dorval - Paris, France

Gloves as partners and rivals

The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl

Dir. Mike Roush - Hollywood, CA

Desert avian love and revenge

A Cigarette for Two

Dir. Simon Baumann - Suberg, Switzerland

In one, out the other

Sell It to the Hedge Funds

Dir. Haven Pell - Los Angeles, CA

Salesman seeks just one close


Dir. Aaron Hughes - Brooklyn, NY

Strange love shown in reverse


Dir. Peter W. Allen - Cranbourne, Australia

Murder, mayhem, and stick figures

Two Men

Dir. Dominic Allen - Richmond, Australia

Two sides to every story

Recycle Diary

Dir. Efe Conker - Istanbul, Turkey

A rock's journey through life

The Veiled Commodity

Dir. Dickson Chow and Vinh Chung - Culver City, CA

Have we moved beyond slavery?

Chers Parents (Dear Parents)

Dir. Sebastien Godron - Montreal, Que.

Desperate son asks for help

Higher Education

Dir. Amber Holowaychuk - Oakville, Ont.

Miserable teacher earns final judgement


Dir. Alan Brennan - Dublin, Ireland

Woman's fears of the dark

Spegelbarn (Looking Glass)

Dir. Erik Rosenlund - Stockholm, Sweden

Reflection has its own mind


Dir. Andy Muschietti - Barcelona, Spain

Mother and daughters' ghostly tale

The Royal Nightmare

Dir. Alex Budovsky - Brooklyn, NY

Is your castle your home?

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