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Top Plays for the week of 6/15/2021
1Lia SampaiAmagatalls De LlumSegell Microscopi
2Manika KaurEK/OnenessSix Degrees
3Carola OrtizPecata BeataSegell Microscopi
4AkkajeeLastenkeraajaEclipse Music
5DAGADANATobieAgora Muzyka
7AnnamaretNieguid Duovdagat/DreamscapesUksi Productions
8Syssi ManangaMopepe MamaSyssi Mananga
9StringflipStringflipGO Danish Folk Music
10Alena MurangSky SongsWind Music International Corporation/Tandang Records

Adds for the Week
Maarika And The FrocodilesTree Dimensional TunesGlobal Music Centre
Manuela SalinaroMain HandsLiburia Records
Zuros Banda2021Fono Budai Zenehaz
AevestadenIngen Mere GraterHeilo/Grappa Musikkforlag
AtinePersiennes d'IranAccords Croises
Young Female Voices From PalestineHennaKirkelig Kulturverksted/KKV
Various ArtistsThat Sounds Greek To Me - Muses and Sirens1tracktape
Juana MolinaSegundo (Remastered/Reissued)Crammed Discs
GralitsaLittle Mosquitoes Are Sleeping This NightGralitsa
Monthly World Music Charts
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Top Plays for the Month of June 2021
1Katerina PapadopoulouAnastasisSaphrane Records
2AnnamaretNieguid Duovdagat/DreamscapesUksi Productions
3Lia SampaiAmagatalls De LlumSegell Microscopi
4Sigrid MoldestadTonen I MegGrappa Musikkforlag
5Pao BarretoSpiralisEl Clan Records
6Carola OrtizPecata BeataSegell Microscopi
7DAGADANATobieAgora Muzyka
8AkkajeeLastenkeraajaEclipse Music
9StringflipStringflipGO Danish Folk Music
12Young Female Voices From PalestineHennaKirkelig Kulturverksted/KKV
13Alena MurangSky SongsWind Music International Corporation
15Syssi ManangaMopepe MamaSyssi Mananga

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