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Featuring a cross-cultural musical journey united in voices and rhythms, Transworld Airwaves broadcasts every other Sunday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern (US) on WZBC 90.3 FM in Boston, Massachusetts.

WZBC is a broadcast service of Boston College in Newton (Boston).

The show is syndicated on the Pacifica Radio Network in North America as well.

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ArtistSong TitleRecordingLabel
Cherry BandoraDen Se LismonoBack To The Taverna *Rebel Up/Rumi Sounds
Cherry BandoraEsyBack To The Taverna *Rebel Up/Rumi Sounds
La MossaZarboutanWanda Petrichor *La Curieuse
La MossaOh MeWanda Petrichor *La Curieuse
Las LloronasLonely BirdOut Of The Blue *Muziekpublique
Las LloronasRunOut Of The Blue *Muziekpublique
Tarek GhririJourney Of PeaceRefugee In The Sea *Tarek Ghriri
Tarek GhririDream Of HomeRefugee In The Sea *Tarek Ghriri
Ayfer DuzdasTu Bilmez AKilomen Arxawune *Ayfer Duzdas
Ayfer DuzdasZaaim Wara Kam Wa Yar BinKilomen Arxawune *Ayfer Duzdas
ZojI Take Pictures Of FireFil O Fenjoon *Bleeemo Music
ZojHangmanFil O Fenjoon *Bleeemo Music

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