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Donne del Mondo

Donne del Mondo features DJ Madame B spinning global music by women, celebrating musical women of the world.

Available every Saturday, Donne del Mondo is syndicated on the Pacifica Radio Network in North America.

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ArtistSong TitleRecordingLabel
Jenni VenalainenSirgoMelkutus Party *Nordic Notes
Jenni VenalainenPlassimizeh SoitandaMelkutus Party *Nordic Notes
Las LloronasNaranjosOut Of The BlueMuziekpublique
Las LloronasEl CalentamientoOut Of The BlueMuziekpublique
Christina TourinAs Above So BelowGeodepedie - Hidden Light *Emerald Harp Productions
Christina TourinGeodepedie - Hidden LightGeodepedie - Hidden Light *Emerald Harp Productions
Elaha SoroorGole Be KharSongs Of Our MothersBella Union
Elaha SoroorKhina BeyarinSongs Of Our MothersBella Union
As MadalenasArvore de Familia (Family Tree)As Madalenas *Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz
As MadalenasRosa Laranja (Orange Rose)As Madalenas *Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz
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