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Women ... Animation ... Womanimation!
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Womanimation! is a festival showcasing acclaimed animated short film stories created by women from around the world.

Saturday, March 23rd, a special MassArt Encore Edition of the festival takes place at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

The twelve films from the 2018 festival will screen, with DJ Madame B weaving soundscapes from women around the world before and after the special screening. This is an official SWAN Day event.

Co-sponsored by the MassArt Animation Department, this educational screening is free and open to the public.

Festival Films

Having received hundreds of submissions, we selected a dozen films to screen in the festival.

Filmmakers hail from ten countries on four continents, with styles from stop-motion to 3D to traditional 2D and computer/2D hybrids.

With running times between 2½ and 15 minutes, the films emphasize well-developed narratives, with themes including historical romance, self-acceptance, family relationships, the cycle of life, and voyages into the supernatural.

Click here for a list of the 2018 festival films.

More to come in 2019!

Our tenth edition of Womanimation! is scheduled to take place on Saturday 29th June, at AS220 in Providence, RI.

We will be accepting submissions starting in April 2019.

Festival "Herstory"

To find out more on previous festivals, click here.

You can read more on the festival concept here.

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Short Short Story Film Festival

The Short Short Story Film Festival is a competitive international festival of films that tell a story in under six minutes.

The Short Short Story Film Festival celebrates brevity in filmmaking, with films from across the globe, both live-action and animated.

Two programs, Heartstrings and Headtrip, each showcasing eighteen films tightly sequenced in under ninety minutes, with each having a distinctive tone yet wide-ranging styles and topics.

It's a Wrap!

The 12th edition of the festival took place in Providence, RI on Saturday, November 24th, at AS220.

Thanks to all our enthusiastic audiences and of course our participating filmmakers for making the festival a great success!

Thirty countries from six continents were represented, with 26 films making their U.S. premieres, including eight world premieres.

See the complete list of films here.

Awards Announced

Our awards selection process is complete! See the complete list of awards here.

A panel of film industry professionals from around the world , who were previously interviewed on Spoiler Alert Radio, reviewed the films in each program.

Click here for the list of judges for each program.

Audiences also voted on their three favorite films to determine award winners in each program.

Additional awards were granted based on feedback from jury, audience, and festival organizers.

Award winners receive commissioned custom art objects created by past festival participants. Check back for more award pics!

More On The Festival

For more details on the 2018 festival, click here.

Learn more about the festival concept and history here.

For requirements to submit in the future, click here.

As always, there is no fee to submit your film to the festival.

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SSSFF 2018 Heartstrings Audience Award

SF 18 Heartstrings Audience

A custom creation by Hannah Quinn

SSSFF 2018 Heartstrings Jury Award

SF 18 Heartstrings Jury

A custom creation by Hannah Quinn

SSSFF 2018 Petit Prose Award

SF 18 Petit Prose Audience

A custom creation by Naomi van Niekerk

SSSFF 2018 Dimensions Award

SF 18 Dimensions

A custom creation by Chen Libman

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Spoiler Alert Radio

A weekly broadcast and podcast featuring conversations on the craft of filmmaking.

For more information about the program, click here.

This week's episode:

Johnny Marshall - Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor - Upstream Color, A Ghost Story, The Old Man and The Gun, The Vast of Night

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SSSFF 2018 Headtrip Audience Award

SF 18 Headtrip Audience

A custom creation by Szabolcs Nagy

SSSFF 2018 Headtrip Jury Award

SF 18 Headtrip Jury

A custom creation by Szabolcs Nagy

SSSFF 2018 Minds Eye Award

SF 18 Minds Eye

A custom creation by Aggie Pak Yee Lee

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